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    VeriBot empowers consumers to combat counterfeiting using messenger platform - a friendly
    platform interface that can use the bot across multiple devices - offering a convenient
    way to verify products at point of sale. VeriBot prompts you if a product is a countereit
    or expired product.
  • Counterfeit Costs More;
    Not Less; It Costs Lives

    Counterfeit medicines, vaccines, brake pads, and even toys could cost the highest
    price of all - your life or the life of someone you love.
    Fake versions of these produces and many more come with dangerous risks to your health,
    your safety and even your life. Always verify, because fake products have real costs
  • Fake Causes Financial Turmoil
    For Workers & Businesses

    Counterfeiting immeasurably impacts the employment rates in Africa and every other part of the
    world. According to international chamber of commerce, over 2.5 million jobs worldwide have
    been lost because of the fake goods industry. People affected go out and find new jobs. While
    most of them dont get, those that get new jobs get underpaid.
  • The Government is Not
    Left Out

    Product counterfeiting has been appropriately described by many as the “crime of the 21st century”.
    Its growth has followed the overall growth of the global economy and outsourcing.
    Counterfeits create an underground trade that deprives governments of revenue for vital public
    services and imposes greater burdens on taxpayers; which causes wreak havoc on the economy.

The Problems

Counterfeiting and piracy are illicit activities in which criminal networks and organised crime thrive. The items that they and other counterfeiters and pirates produce are often substandard or even dangerous, posing health and safety risks to consumers that range from mild to lifethreatening. The illegal activities undermine innovation, which is key to economic growth and it poses a risk to all industry sectors; those most commonly affected include:
  • Healthcare Sectors (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies)

    Imagine seeing your child suffering from malaria, one of the biggest killers of children across the world. Symptoms include high fever, sweating, vomiting and convulsions. But it's OK, you think, because you bought medicine to combat the disease from a local drugs market.
    Now imagine what it must be like to see your child die nonetheless because the drugs you bought were fake. That is the brutal reality of the multi-billion dollar a year global trade in counterfeit drugs.

  • Information & Communications Technology

    The risk of using pirated software to individuals and enterprises cannot be overemphasized. Purchasing counterfeit software not only violating the copyright law of software companies but put their user's smart phones, tablets or PCs at higher risk of security threats and damages; as they make computers crash or even cause irreparable damages in the worst case.
    Counterfeit software loaded in the devices can steal personal information and data like bank credentials, address books and passwords without one's knowledge.

  • Media/Entertainment (Nollywood, Music Industry)

    Piracy leads to significant revenue reduction for artists and filmmakers. This shows obvious reductions in both the quantity and quality of movies and music produced. Study has shown that the number of Academy Award winning films from countries like Nigeria, with high levels of piracy has diminished relative to films from countries where piracy has been less impactful; thus, causing long-term harm to consumers by reducing the supply and quality of new content.

  • Consumer Goods (Auto Parts, Beverages, Electronics)

    World Health Organisation, (WHO) estimated that across the world, 36,000 yearly fatalities and 1.5 million injuries were result of defective counterfeit parts. While bogus spark plugs and other engine parts have merely caused aggravating failures and breakdowns, poorly constructed brake and suspension parts have resulted in many deaths.
    A number of deaths in Africa have been attributed to the use of counterfeit brake pads made of compressed wood chips. In Nigeria, brake shoe linings made from compressed grass burst into flames when the brakes were applied.

  • Government

    The infiltration of counterfeit and pirated products, or IP theft, creates an enormous drain on the economy – crowding out billions in legitimate economic activity and facilitating an “underground economy” that deprives governments of revenues for vital public services, forces higher burdens on tax payers, dislocates hundreds of thousands of legitimate jobs and exposes consumers to dangerous and ineffective products.

Our Solution

With more than 16million people actively using Facebook in Nigeria monthly, we believe Facebook bot can help combat fake products in the marketplace. As part of the Sustainable Development Goals, which is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all age, we developed VeriBot, a Facebook bot medicine verification application that can easily and effectively identify fake drugs, as well as expired drugs before consumers even leave the pharmacy.

With our authentication application, consumers can simply chat with the bot, scratch the label on the packaging of the drug and input the set of unique numbers to verify if a medicine is authentic or not. In response, the bot notifies the customers immediately whether or not a drug is legitimate or not; It prompts you with the expiring date of the drug. If a fake product is found, the consumer current location is collected immediately and a hotline number to call pops up on the customer's phone in order to report the fake product to the appropriate authorities

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